My Favorite Tanning Products – Summer 2019

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With the planning of the babymoon, which I for sure hope is a warm place, there are some things that I like doing to pamper myself and get ready for my trip. Among those things is tanning because don’t we all love to have that beautiful tan glow prior to go on a nice summer vacation?! As you all know tanning beds are bad and honestly even spray tans can get a bit pricy and if you are pregnant, spray tans are not safe for the baby. Any who, without keeping this too long I wanted to include a short review of my favorite self-tanner products that I actually love. Trust me I have tried way to many that make you look super orange and others that makes you skin patchy!

First of all and you might have heard this before, but it is important to exfoliate and this is truly important. Once I was too lazy to do it and didn’t completely remove my old self tanner and my skin looked so patchy that I ended up having to remove it all over again! What a waste of product! But after a good shave and exfoliation you should be good to go a ready to get your tan on!


Believe or not this is truly my most favorite product of all. I know this is one of the most pricey options that will be included in this review but trust me is totally worth every single penny. They have different options but my go to has been the 2hr self-tanning mouse. It is easy to apply and the color will develop in two hours; the best part is that you don’t need to be a pro; somehow the tanner will look evenly on your body. I love the natural color that it gives to your skin and with good care, it will last up to two weeks. Best part, the smell is not too strong!


If you are not in a rush but you still want a natural glow, then this ST. Tropez is the tanning lotion for you. This is my second favorite one and I use this almost every day, even after applying my loving tan and I truly think this is what makes my self-tanner last longer. I like that it helps keep my skin moisturized which is really important to maintain your tanner. Dry skin will definitely crack the tanner and it won’t look cute so it is important to keep your skin hydrated. The best part is that is a tinted lotion so it is easier for you to apply and the smell is not too strong either. They have two options a Tinted Body Lotion and a Classic Everyday Body Lotion


This is among my top 3 and probably one of the most affordable options out there. This is not necessarily a lotion but more of a foam. Some people might find this a bit harder to apply because it is clear so it at the beginning it might be a bit challenging trying to figure out how to apply it evenly but if you have experiences applying self-tanner then it  should not be a problem at all. I like that it dries quick and it doesn’t leave any stain on the clothes like other tanners do. I also like the smell of this one, is not too strong and you can’t beat that $15 price tag. Get yours here!


This is another good option if you are looking for a quick solution for self tanner.  This is the most expensive option in my list so if price is a consideration then you should go for the affordable options included in this review. What I like about this self-tanner is that it didn’t have that Tanning Smell that stays with you with most of self tanners. I also loved that its a fast fix if you need some color right away and it has a bronze shimmer which is perfect for summer or any hot vacation destination. One of the down sides on this one is that it is not as long lasting as the loving tan. Regardless, it is another travel essential for me.

Hope this review was helpful but I am always looking for more recommendations and new products to try so if you know of any other products that I should be trying let me know in the comments below or head over to my (All.Things.Petite) for all direct links and don’t forget to check out my Instagram (@all.things.petite) for a live try-on session on the IG stories.



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