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The Crepeau Crew is Excited for Baby #2

The best surprises come in tiny sizes and if this is news to you…WE ARE PREGNANT WITH BABY #2! Friends, it feels so good to finally be able to share these news with you. We are feeling so blessed for our growing family and can’t wait to bring you along in this new adventure.

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All About Baby #2

Due Date

Baby is due November 2021

What is the Gender?

Just like we did with Sophie, we are keeping the gender a surprise. We are just praying for a healthy baby and a healthy pregnancy

How far along are you?

I am now on my second trimester. We decided to wait a bit longer this time before announcing because we wanted to make sure we told family first. More about everyone reactions on my Instagram (@casualnchic)

Any differences from the first pregnancy?

Yes! The first trimester was brutal this second time around. I was literally sick in bed all the time. Couldn’t keep food down or any liquids, not even water. Morning sickness was more of a 24/7 sickness and had a few visits to the ER and urgent care because I needed to get IV. After week 12 everything changed for the better! Now I am feeling really good and feeling like I am getting my energy back! But this little blessing makes everything worth it and I will do it all over again, NO DOUBT!

How did you find out?

Just like in my first pregnancy, I just had this gut feeling at like two weeks. I actually took one test but it came negative and waited a couple of days before taking the next one.

How difficult was it to get pregnant?

I have always been open about my first two miscarriages before having Sophie and I thought that something similar might happen this time around. However, with this pregnancy it happened right away. My periods have always been all over the place and I was a bit anxious but we were blessed with this pregnancy on the first try.

We couldn’t be more grateful and happy to continue growing our family. I will be sharing more about my Second trimester and this pregnancy journey so I hope you follow along!

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Let’s be Friends: Instagram (@casualnchic) (CasualNChic)

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