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Surprise! – We are Pregnant!!!

You guys have no idea how hard it has been for me to hold these news and I am so excited to finally be able to share them with you all!

Mr.C and I are feeling over the moon  with these news, we seriously feel so blessed and are beyond excited to finally share that our little bundle of joy will be coming on December 4th, 2019! It’s definitely a new big chapter in our lives but we have been looking forward to this new journey for the longest time ever! Head over to my (CasualNChic) for all outfit links and don’t forget to check out my Instagram (@casualnchic)

The First Two Miscarriages

When Marc and I decided to start trying, I was already dreaming about how I would surprise Mr.C with the big baby news. The first time I got pregnant, on New Years Eve 2017, I made a huge surprise and a big letter and even recorded it, just to find out that two days later that I was having a miscarriage. Summer 2018, I got pregnant again and once again another surprise for Mr.C! This time the pregnancy went a bit longer and lasted around 6 weeks and then the worst happened; another miscarriage. I was so devastated that I wasn’t sure If I even wanted to try again just because the pain, not only physical but also emotional. You make this idea in your mind of a future family and all the sudden that dream is gone and you wonder what you did wrong and even though the whole world tells you is not your fault, you still feel guilty. This is why this time it was a bit hard for me sharing the news with the fear that another miscarriage might occur but this time thankfully things seem to be  going great!

How did we find out?

Call me crazy, but I can actually tell whether or not I am pregnant at 2 weeks, YES TWO WEEKS even before the pregnancy test! I started feeling bloated and the breast soreness was real, I was also so tired and crying for everything, think about PMS but 10 times worst. On Sunday, at two weeks pregnant, I decided to take a test and it actually came out negative, so I thought I was completely crazy and decided to wait another week before I took another test (LONGEST WEEK EVER). Ironically, the following Monday we had a Dr. appointment because I thought I was having fertility problems without realizing I was already pregnant.

The week went by and I took another test, this time the most faint line came up, I was in shook! I was shaking and didn’t know what to do. I wanted to share my excitement with the whole world but at the same time I was so scared that another miscarriage might happen and I just couldn’t bear the thought of going through another pain like that. However, I couldn’t keep it from Mr.C so that same day I shared the news with him… It was definitely a mix of emotions. We were both so excited but at the same time a bit nervous and scared. We tried to make an OB appointment but had to wait until week 4 so I decided to take pregnancy test EVERY SINGLE DAY for the next two weeks, and for the first time in all my pregnancies the line was actually getting darker and not lighter. Week 4 couldn’t come any sooner and the words we have been hoping to hear for so long “YOU ARE PREGNANT”

I am now 15 weeks pregnant and while it  seems that we waited a bit too long to share it with you all, it has been quite the journey, from almost daily blood tests to feeling sick but it has all been worth it and we couldn’t be more grateful and happy to have made it this far and can’t wait to continue sharing the rest of our journey with you!